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Healthbeat is a new nonprofit newsroom covering public health published by Civic News Company and KFF Health News.

We’re launching this summer with local newsrooms in New York City and Atlanta, plus national reporting, to fill the gaps in public health coverage. Healthbeat will help you understand issues around infectious disease, air and water quality, the many impacts of climate change and other issues that affect global public health, starting in your own backyard.

The Healthbeat model builds on the success of two other Civic News Company organizations covering education and local elections, plus KFF Health News’s national team of public health journalists.

More to come!

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As the local news crisis accelerates, Civic News Company is expanding its model for high-impact, knowledge-based, and sustainable local news. Civic News Company operates 13 local newsrooms across two topical areas: Votebeat, which focuses on election administration, and Chalkbeat, which focuses on public education. In the summer of 2024, Civic News Company is partnering with KFF Health News to add a third topic: Healthbeat, covering public health.